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How the JSON/XML RESTful API Works

Need to display a map on your site or mobile application showing registered sex offenders? Need to run searches for offenders?
• We have a simple URL based search method to our api with a JSON/XML response format that is useful for connecting your application to our data.

Simple JSON Restful API
Below are examples types of calls you can make:

Name and date of birth search using JSON without Callback

Name and date of birth search using JSON with Callback

Name and state search using JSON without Callback

Get offenders in a given area using JSON without Callback
i>http://services.familywatchdog.us/rest/json.asp?key=YOUR-KEY-HERE&type=searchbylatlong&lat=39.9637592&long=-75.2694439&minlat=39.9537592&maxlat=39.9557592&minlong=-75.2694439&maxlong=-75.2654439 • lat/long are optional. Results will be order in the distance from lat/long from shortest to longest

Get a Specific offender (typically called after above call) using JSON without Callback

Get a Specific offender (typically called after above call) using JSON without Callback using Lite equal to 0

Get offenders for a specific location and a radius of 1 mile using JSON without Callback

Get balance using JSON without Callback

Error returned using JSON without Callback

* Due to the density of offenders in geographical area, requests via the API may become to large to consume. You may use paging logic in the query string to create a page set of offenders and loop through to retrieve all of the offenders.

*** Note: All transactions may use https (SSL) when connectiong to our servers.

Key Terms
Key Your unique API key. This key will be provided when purchasing API services or contacting us at sales@familywatchdog.us.
Lite Accepts 0 or 1. Setting this flag to 1 (default), provides only the basic offender information. This brings back less information allowing for a faster response due the data size and call being smaller. This used when not all information would be displayed to the end user, such as a map. Seeting this to 0, will bring back all offender information including alias(es), charge(s), other address(es) and markings.
Nicknames Accepts 0 or 1. Setting this flag to 1 (default), searches for possible nicknames as first name along with the given first name.

Jonathan =>John
Jonathan =>Jon
Richard ==> Rich
Thomas => Tom
Wildcard Accepts 0 or 1. Used to add wild card searches to the end of last name and first name on the searches. Such as Jo=>John,Joe, etc.
Ver Accepts 1.0, 1.1 or 1,2. No version flag set provides you with the latest verion.

1.0 - Initial version
1.1 - Added Birth Dates to the results for states that contain multiple date of births for an offender.
1.2 - Added convictiontype to the result set of each offender. See conviction types below.
* Page Defines the page number of the request
* PerPage Accepts a number as the amount of offenders to return for the provided call page. Maximum offenders returned is 500.
Callback Accepts any string that will be returned in a response. This allows for the ability to tie a request with a response in an asynchronous environment.
Search Criteria The search criteria used to search our database and are non-case sensitive.
•  lname Last name of the person being searched
•  fname First name of the person being searched
•  dob Date of birth of the person being searched. We suggest the using the format MM/DD/YYYY.
•  minlat, minlong, maxlat, maxlong The coordinates of the map or region being displayed. Typically minlat, minlong are the left top coordinates and maxlat, max long are the bottom right.
* Used in paging requests and responses

Response Terms
Most attributes Most attributes are self explanatory.
MatchType The geocode level result of the address
•  0 = perfect match
•  1 = street level
•  2 = zip code match
•  3 = city match
•  5 = not found
ConvictionType Used to set a color based off the type of crime the offender comitted.
•  5 = Offense Against Children
•  4 = Rape
•  3 = Sexual Battery
•  1 & 2 = Other Offense
Image URL An photo url is passed back in the result. Example: http://photos.familywatchdog.us/OffenderPhoto/Offenderphoto.aspx?ID=XXXXX&width=YYY
•  XXXXX = the offenderID passed back forthe offender
•  YYY = (optional) defines the width of the photo to passed back
* Page Defines the current page set
* Pages Represents the number of pages based on the perpage value and the number of results
* Onpage Defines the number of offenders on the given result page
* TotalOffenderCount Defines the total number offenders for the query
* Used in paging requests and responses

500 Calls
Only $75.00 per package ($0.15 per call)

1,000 Calls
Only $140.00 per package ($0.14 per call)

5,000 Calls
Only $600.00 per package ($0.12 per call)

10,000 Calls
Only $1,000.00 per package ($0.10 per call)

10,001+ calls or monthly pricing
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